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i cried at this part

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Thought in the back Over worked and sacked. Lonely at the utmost always surrounded. Full of compassion lacking a hearts pounded. For ever yours, for ever my own, At the utmost full grown. Young in my footsteps Am I walking in.her footsteps. On my own, Told I am forever not alone. I want more as for so little. Stuck in the middle. Later, I’m done.with this riddle…

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Peppermint Winter - Owl City - Lyrics - Full Song! (by VanillaTwilight46)

haha all their songs crack me up! {:D)

Owl City - Deer In The Headlights (by OwlCityVEVO)

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It’s one of those nights, And I’m one of those girls. Just watched that romantic comedy,”no strings attached.” I got tears in my eyes, and fell more in love with my fiance. He’s wonderful. He feeds me, holds me, rubs my feet, still opens the car door, and kisses my forehead. He takes care of me, even though I don’t need talking care of. I am one independent young lady. I am also in love with my job, and if he can compete with that it must be true love,.beside the fact that he has been my best friend for the past five years now. he makes me happy. No were not perfect, but in are own imperfections were perfect for eachougher. An honest and loyal best friend that I have fallen madly in love with, what more could a file ask for. 4/21/10

I’m normally not a cheese ball, tell him not to get me flowers, and hate Valentines day… But now i’d love flowers and a stuffed animal I cam sleep with, that smells like him.

I really loveeeee this

I really loveeeee this

Love this….

Love this….

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